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ESC Rules
Handicap Score *
9 or less Double Bogey
10 thru 19 7
20 thru 29 8
30 thru 39 9
40 + 10
* Maximum score for any 1 hole
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FYI:  I set this site up to help teach myself Java, then my golfing friends
        started using it... then golfers from around the world found it on the
        web and started using it.   To keep this site up and running, I am
        now accepting donations to help defray the costs of operations.  
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USGA Handicap Rules
1. Take your last 20 scores.
     (5 is the minimum)
2. Calculate the handicap differential
     for each round, rounding up to
     the tenths digit.

(Score - CourseRating) * (113 / Slope).

3. Choose the rounds with the lowest
     handicap differentials according to
     the number of rounds you've used...
# RoundsChoose
5 or 61
7 or 82
9 or 103
11 or 124
13 or 145
15 or 166
4. Average these scores' handicap
     differerentials, then multiply by .96,
     dropping all digits after the tenth.
Please note!!!
     The scores you use may need to
     be adjusted according to the rules
     found in the ESC rules section.
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